Marketing Will You Dance With Me? Love, Customer Service


It’s like the 8th grade dance all over again.

I can remember it like yesterday. I wanted to dance with her, she didn’t even know I was alive.

I’ll write her a note “Will You Dance With Me? Circle One –> YES or YES”

She’ll laugh and think I’m funny. Def Leppard “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, my jam…its my time… I… just… can’t.

Get over it customer service, I know you want to be involved in social media so just ask marketing to dance!

You might be nervous on how to start the conversation and maybe marketing does just think you’re the complaint department but once they get to know you it will be like Dancing With The Stars!

Now you don’t want to use a cheesy pick up line like, “hey baby, marketing is the new customer service” so here are a few tips!

5 Ways Customer Service Departments Can Break the Social Media Ice With Marketing

1. Introduce Yourself & Start With a Compliment

“Thank you for owning social media for our brand, social media has become one of the most important strategies in our company. All the customer engagement has been fun to watch. Ironically, phone and email contacts are declining. It appears our consumers want to receive customer service on Facebook and Twitter. Can we work together combining our expertise to drive even more raving fans in social media?”

Who is going to say no to that?

2. Just Be Honest, Tell Marketing Your Intentions

Some customers on Facebook and Twitter who have questions, complaints or take the time to say I love your products/services are being ignored. You want to help marketing by doing what you do best, helping customers!

3. Don’t Step on Her Feet and Define Engagement Swim Lanes

Marketing is still going to own social media so its important to be clear how customer service interactions are going to be handled by creating response swim lanes. Here is what a quick example might look like.

Marketing/PR Customer Service
Future Product Questions Product Complaints
Campaign Complaints/Inquiries Product Suggestions
Crisis Communications Existing Ownership Product Inquiries
Blogger/Influencer Interactions Warranty & Rebate Questions
Upcoming Events Service & Policy Issues
Charity/Environmental Concerns Thanking Customers For Compliments

4. Pick the Right Dance So You Stay In Rhythm

Whether its an elegant ballroom foxtrot or the cha-cha, a successful performance requires partners that compliment each other well. Social media reporting is no different. Helping customers online with a timely response in each social channel compliments everything marketing is trying to accomplish with social media.  Hope these examples are helpful!

Social Media Marketing Metrics Social Service Metrics
Sentiment & Share of Conversation How Many Customers Thanked Today
Friends, Followers, Views, Likes, ReTweets How Many Customers Helped Today
Word Clouds & Hot Topics Volume of Service Issues by Source (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, Blogs)
Influencer Analysis Top 10 Complaints & Inquiries in Social
Geo-Location Insights Response Time & Escalations By Source

5. How To Get Marketing To Kick Off Her Shoes!

Now its time to close the deal with what every marketer will love to hear.

  • Customer service has low cost expert resources that can increase engagement without breaking the social media budget.
  • Contact centers already work flexible hours and can help with off hours response.
  • Ask marketing for their help in providing social media training for your contact center agents, social engagement vs phone/email engagement is like the waltz and the tango.
  • Exceptional social service improves peer to peer recommendation and word of mouth, aka, THE most effective marketing

So customer service, stop being a wall flower, start with these 5 steps and you might end up like this happy couple on the dance floor!

(wait for it)


Image source: confused bride


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