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Any time you make a public appearance you should TRY to get email leads out of it.

No matter how small or large the event, have a couple resources you can point people to that allow you to start a longer conversation with folks beyond that initial first encounter.

These resources are called lead magnets. They are simply a reason for you to give me your email. It can be a download, a contest, a free webinar, etc.

The more specific these lead magnets are to the live appearance the better.

Let’s look at two examples that I have used in the past 12 months.

1. Presentation Downloads

I gave a talk at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference last year on Brainstorming. As an addendum to my talk I created a download titled The Perfect Brainstorm that included 21 specific brainstorming tips.

perfect brainstorm download

I referenced the download at the end of my talk and tweeted out a link to it on the conference hashtag. There were ~900 people at my talk, of that 900, over 400 downloaded the Perfect Brainstorm.

One of the things I learned from the smart folks at Oratium is that even having an outline of the presentation you give, with more details, can be a great lead magnet for people when giving a presentation. And developing something like this can improve your talk as well.

2. Sponsored Hashtags

Last week I was excited to be a guest on Klout’s monthly industry Twitter chat, #KloutChat. I was excited to talk shop with the Klout community and discuss the topic of real revenue from social marketing.

But I also wanted to make sure the Klout community had a chance to learn more about our upcoming Social Fresh WEST conference in San Diego. So I sponsored the chat hashtag and featured a tweet that encouraged #KloutChat participants to enter our contest to win a ticket to the conference.

socialfresh contest tweet

That tweet was seen 700+ times and resulted in 15 people from the chat entering our ticket giveaway. We spent $27 in order to get those 20 leads, or roughly $1.35 per lead. That is about $18.70 less than what we value email leads at for Social Fresh Conference.

While the number of leads might look small, they were very targeted, and they were people who self selected as interested in our conference. Not to mention the ~150 additional social marketers that saw the tweet. A small but not insignificant branding impression.

twitter ad sf contest results


Each of these opportunities resulted in leads as a secondary benefit. The email leads were not the primary reason for the speaking engagement or the #KloutChat appearance.

They were however, a high value add.

Any time you are going to a conference, speaking, going to a networking event, or doing an interview, make sure to keep a couple relevant lead magnets in your back pocket. It gives you the chance to form longer term, revenue generating relationships with the people you meet at these opportunities.





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