Learn The Best Time To Tweet with @Flowtown’s Timely [REVIEW]


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TimelyTimely, one of our top new social tools of 2010, is opening to the public today.

Learning form your most recent 199 messages on Twitter, Timely predicts when you are most likely to get retweeted during the day and schedules tweets for you accordingly. You can schedule up to 3 tweets a day through the service and they will automatically go out when Timely thinks they have the biggest potential to be retweeted.

As your Twitter account changes, with your publishing habits and the whim of your followers, Timely will automatically adjust accordingly and give you new predictions.

Flowtown launched Timely to the public today. With the new launch they added unlimited free accounts, unlimited collaborators (see below) and a domain change to Timely.is.

Timely is a very simple tool for anyone to do some research and learn when they are getting strong responses on Twitter. Testing is important and this platform is designed to let you test easily and helps you learn quickly from your efforts.

As a publishing tool, Timely is not going to replace Tweetdeck or a dashboard service, but it can be useful for getting out those 2 or 3 important links each day that you want to get seen or for simply testing and learning. Small teams and low volume news accounts would benefit as well.

Flowtown continues to build some unique and interesting tools. They take those little I-wish-I-could moments that marketers have and build a solution. I hope they keep it up.


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