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Hannah Ettema, digital communications lead for the National Forest Foundation, joins the show to discuss how the NFF built a loyal Facebook following and how they are continuing to interact, engage, and grow, as well as, her social media scheduler of choice, a “game changing” Instagram app, and email strategy for improved fundraising results.

Social Toolkit 35: Digital marketing in the non-profit world, with Hannah Ettema. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Show Notes

  • App of the Week: Silicon Valley Dictionary, a hilarious, and deadly accurate, dictionary of startup buzzwords (Yarby calls it the Urban Dictionary for startups)
  • Building a viable Facebook community
    • How NFF built their following
    • Making the best use of Facebook Ads
    • Creating and curating great visual content
  • How NFF is using Social Flow for effective scheduling
    • How the “brain”, or algorithm, of Social Flow bases it’s scheduling performance off previous post performances.
    • The percentage of Hannah’s content going through social flow vs. native posting.
    • The type of content Hannah will schedule. and the frequency of posts to each social channel.
  • The game changing Instagram app
    • The hassle of switching back and forth between accounts has been removed
    • Hannah and National Forest Foundation have both become more active on Instagram as a result
  • Fundraising results through email marketing
    • National Forest Foundation’s email strategy
    • Engaging the community through email with the organizations efforts
    • Merging the two worlds of email marketing and fundraising


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