3 Simple Tools For Merging Social and Search


Merging social and searchWith Google’s confirmation that yes, social signals are taken into account in the Google algorithm, lots of new attention is being paid in regard to social search. Marketers are wondering now more than ever what this means for integrating their social media and SEO efforts.

Can you really use Twitter to boost your Google rankings? Is it really all about social media optimization?

Before we start blindly clamoring for ReTweets the way we used to rush in a stampede for links, logically think about where your traffic is coming from: organic search, PPC, etc.

Also, keep this statistic in mind: Marketers working in social media reported a 27% conversion rate for organic search traffic while those not from social media reported just a 17% conversion rate. Strategically, it seems that combining the reputation and trust-building aspects of social media with the conversion power of SEO is the way make the most of your marketing efforts.

What are some of the tactics and tools you can use to actually execute this? Here are three suggestions to get you thinking in this direction:

1. Keep Track of ReTweets With Tap 11

There’s still some debate, as outlined by SEOmoz, on exactly how Tweets and ReTweets are considered in the Google algorithm. Regardless, ReTweets of your blog post links will drive more traffic to your blog and increase awareness of your content which increases the likelihood for backlinks and improves your page’s authority.

Tap 11 is a Twitter client with Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and WordPress integrations so you can schedule content across multiple platforms. It offers very comprehensive Twitter and Facebook metrics.

I love its ReTweet tracking. Get a summary of your most ReTweeted Tweets via email, and you can also check out specifically who your ReTweeters are so you can identify your advocates.

Last, they also provide insight into hourly trends around ReTweets so you can discover the optimum time to Tweet.

Get a weekly email summary of your most ReTweeted Tweets with Tap 11

2. Monitor Social Media and SEO Keywords with Raven Tools

Integrating Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp and so much more, Raven Tools offers a whole view of your online marketing efforts.

When you’re able to view your Twitter stream plus see what Tweets are driving traffic to your website all from one clean dashboard, it keeps you much more disciplined in keeping that “big picture” thinking in minding and efficiently tying together your SEO and social media efforts.

3. Replicate Your Best Customers With Performable

Performable is highly-intelligent marketing analytics software that helps you track the key events in your sales funnel that most often lead to conversions for your business.

Go beyond simply tracking what Tweets, Facebook posts, blog content or keywords drive traffic to your website  – understand the path to purchase those customers take once they are at your website. Performable’s analytics show you the entire customer lifecycle so you can identify the patterns your customers take and automate parts of that process.

Want to send thank you emails to people who participate in a webinar, come back to your website and make a purchase, then Tweet about you? Performable can help with that.

When approached strategically and simultaneously, your social media and SEO efforts can offer a major positive impact on your marketing efforts and business outcomes. What tools and tactics are you using to effectively manage both? Let me know in the comments.


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