Hubspot and Hootsuite aim to Close the Loop of Social Marketing


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hootsuite-hubspotToday Hootsuite and Hubspot announced a new strategic partnership and app integration with aims to “close the loop” in social media marketing.

Hubspot has long been known for their innovations in inbound marketing and social media. By developing a system to easily create and spread marketing content, they have given thousands of companies the ability to track and nurture leads online.

A partnership with a social media management platform like Hootsuite means they are able to marry your marketing leads with your “social grid.”

So what does this mean for you?

Create a more focused social search

The integration with the Hubspot keyword tool allows community managers, sales associates, or anyone reporting new business leads to spot trends around the most relevant brand keywords brought in from their Hubspot lists and find new situations to create conversation.

Thanks to Hootsuite’s stream view, it’s already easy to monitor keywords online, but you would need to create these lists yourself. This streamlines the process, and keeps your strategy aligned across multiple channels thanks to those focused keywords you’re already measuring in Hubspot.

People are always asking for recommendations about products or services. Set up search streams to filter your leads’ social chatter and identify “buying signals.” Now you’re having focused conversation at the prime moment to close on the lead, or at least move them further down the purchase funnel.

Take Lead Nurturing Social

Most lead nurturing campaigns happen through emails, follow up phone calls, and a little bit of luck. But today, business can and does happen anywhere.

The ability to streamline the process and visualize every social channel for messaging your leads allows you to personalize how you maintain communication with each person. Track those trends and you’re increasing the likelihood that you’ll convert that lead or at least get a desired reaction from them.

This doesn’t mean to be annoying to your leads, or to spam every person who is slightly interested in your product.

Remember: “Social Knowledge” is a great power, and as Uncle Ben would say with great power comes great responsibility.

As companies increase their spending in digital and social media, it’s important to make all your services are working together. “Closing the loop” of social media marketing is a big step towards determining a return on your company’s social investments.


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