How To Name Your Brand Pinterest Boards


pinterest board namesIt’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the most used social network sites of today. When it started as an elite club, everyone waited for their invitation and acceptance into the new visual site. Once users got started, they hit the ground running and never stopped.

Companies should be using Pinterest to connect with their target audiences. With 70 million users, you are bound to connect with someone while promoting your services or products. Your success with this network depends on how you use it.

You have to make sure you are pinning things that will attract people and things that they will want to share with others. One really important way to get users to your site depends on how you name your Pinterest boards.

1. Make a plan

The first step in a successful Pinterest page is making a plan of what type of boards you want to have. Look at your industry and make a web of anything that can relate back to you. Think of it as a web, with your specific product or industry in the middle, what can branch out from that? Then, pick some other types of popular boards that will draw in traffic.

The example below is from Classic Cleaners, they offer dry cleaning services. While it seems obvious that they would pin about fashion, the way the boards are broken out and titled gives them a let up from some of their competitors. It’s a good guess that a dry cleaner’s target audience is women over 18 because of the nature of the service, laundry. Covering wedding dresses and wedding planning is perfect for that demographic.

The ‘Bag, Lady?’ board could have been ‘Purses’ and ‘Fashion Fanatics’ could have just been ‘Fashion’. But none of those other options grab your attention like the ones they picked. They branched out and around their industry with some How To, Home Décor and children boards. So, we applaud you, Classic Cleaners.

Important take away: Know your audience and choose boards that will appeal to them. Focus on your industry, but branch out to similar areas that can relate.


This example from Havahart showcases a brand that might have a hard time finding board ideas. They branched out from animal traps into gardening, crafts, animals and decorating ideas. The ‘Cute Critters’ board is enough to get viewers clicking and sharing!

Havahart example

2. It’s okay to be funny

The point of all social media sites is to share things. The main goal of social media to create content that people want to share; you want your content to go viral to bring in traffic and links. Humor is a great way to do this because everyone shares things that are funny.

One thing to remember is the description of your boards and the captions you are writing with your pins. They should have the same theme as the board’s title so users know what to expect.

This example from Pipe Perfection Plumbers is about laundry rooms. This is specific to their industry but they got creative with the title “Laundries need love too” instead of just “Laundry”. There’s some humor in there, but you still have the general idea about what the board will be so it’s easy to find in searches.

Important take away: Using keywords is helpful for searches, if you can add a little humor in with it you can make the board more appealing.

laundry example

3. Grab their attention

The first thing a user sees when they click on your Pinterest page is the titles. It’s important they the wording is attention grabbing so they stay on the page and browse a little.

This example from KarmaLife Coconut Water is a good example of taking simple boards and adding a little life to the title to grab viewers’ attention. Instead of a board called, ‘Yoga’ KarmaLife titled theirs ‘Strike a Pose’ and they turned ‘Equipment’ into ‘Tools of the Trade’.

Important take away: Be attention grabbing by using some play on words or short phrase to title your boards.

karma life

4. Do a little Googling

If you are still not sure what to name your boards, do a some searching. Search your general topic on Google and other Pinterest boards and browse the results. The boards you want to make is already out there, find a few and build off of their names. When searching you can see the name that the board came from in gray under the person’s name, pay attention to those.

construction example  printers example

5. No need for blurred lines

Keeping everything previously stated in mind, try to make your boards specific. People probably won’t search for your company, but they might be searching for what you’ve pinned. When viewers see your board they should know what they are going to get when they click it.

The popular fashion brand, Nordstrom is a great example of this. Instead of a general ‘Wedding Ideas’ board, they got specific in their titling with ‘Garden Wedding Ideas’, ‘Beach Wedding Ideas’, ‘Black and White Wedding Ideas’ and ‘Perfect Pastel Wedding Ideas’ among others. Those are very specific so when someone is searching for ideas for their black and white wedding, they will come straight to their board filled with the ideas they are searching for. Also notice the other boards that they got creative with, ‘Wedding ‘Maid & Men’ and ‘Prince of Prints’.

Important take away: By being specific you are giving users a better chance to find you. Take a category that fits your industry and break it down into specific sections someone might search for.


Other helpful tips

There are a few more things with Pinterest that might help your company become successful. Saturday morning is thought to be the best time to pin because most users are browsing then. You should really try to pin every day, even if it’s just a few pins.

Create content on your website that is easy to pin, maybe start a company blog and pin the newest articles (as long as you have a good picture). If you are using all caps in your titles, try to stay around 18 characters. If you are using lowercase, try to stay around 24 characters. This way your title can be viewed and nothing is cut off.

Play around with different types of boards and see how well they do. Track the traffic coming to your site from Pinterest and build on your strengths. Happy pinning!


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