How to Find the Right Social Media Platforms to Support Your Business

by | Jan 18, 2016

Corporate Blogging Tips and Tactics

Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr), founder of the Marketing Technology blog, joins the podcast from DK New Media, where he serves as CEO, to share his advice on best blogging practices and choosing the best platforms to support your company in reaching its goals. Douglas is author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies. He is also a partner on a few startups, a single father and a proud Navy Veteran! Get out there and Follow and salute Mr. Douglas Karr plugging in emotionally with your audience. DK New Media consults for marketing, technology, and E-Commerce companies and is deicated to building measureable marketing growth strategies. The Marketing Tech Blog is where you should go to learn how to use martech tools, and find research and information on the latest platforms. Brought to you by: [podcast_sponsors]

In This Episode

  • App of the week (Crate)
  • The importance of mapping out your process and find the platform that fits you
  • Blogging Technology for bigger companies (WordPress, SquareSpace, Oracle)
  • High quality content and the Corporate Blogging for Dummies (Tabula, Outbrian)
  • How to optimize your platforms for search engine visibility
  • Why starting with a great strategy is always key


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