Highlights From The First #SocialFresh Chat


Twitter Chat Social FreshWe tried something new last night. Yes, we hopped on the Twitter chat bandwagon. Yes it was painful [sarcasm].

Why Another Twitter Chat?

We did not want to create another Twitter chat that echoed the dozens already out there talking about social media. But we also wanted to capture the community and discussion that Twitter chats are really great at creating.

So we went back to our goals. We want to inspire people, make them think, so that is what we focused on. Every week, we will introduce the Social Fresh community to a new company to brainstorm social media marketing strategy for. Last night we started with an agency for home developers out of Southern California, Gunn Jerkins.


No, we don’t expect to come out of each chat with an amazing off the shelf strategy that a company can use. No, we don’t claim that what is brainstormed every week is even right.

What we do claim, is that everyone involved will get some great practice thinking about social. And the company we feature, will have hundreds of ideas from the Social Fresh community to consider.

The Results

Thanks to everyone who helped us out last night. We had close to 600 #socialfresh tweets in the one hour chat. And even more that did not use the hashtag (you know who you are). We asked 4 questions relevant to Gunn Jerkins. And 107 of you incredibly smart people did just what we hoped, you made us think.

Here are the highlights. Join us again next Monday at 7pm EST for a new company. And if you have any tips for how to make the chat better next time, please add your insights in the comments below. Thanks.


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