Hertz Creates Their Own Groupon Style Deals on Facebook

by | Apr 30, 2012

Originally published at Social Commerce Today (edited by Social Fresh)

So we know that the principle reason that people interact with businesses and brands on Facebook is to get offers (PDF link).

Hertz is hoping Facebook users share their deals with a new group offer for car rentals with a ‘social coupon’ using the Share it Up app from PeopleString.  The more people who share the coupon, the higher its redemption value – up to a $35 value (US offer – running through July 16, 2012).

This is the saturation of Group Deals spurred by Groupon and Living Social. But when brands are able to own the group deal and push it to their own Facebook fans, it makes it a very interesting and more controlled tool for social marketers.

Smart. Offering consumers social utility by helping them solve a problem – in this case, getting good value – socially.  We like.



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