How To Create a New Google+ Page and Connect It to Google Search


Yesterday Google+ finally launched their Pages feature, allowing users to create branded pages for businesses, bands, fictional characters or just about anything else you can think of.

Google allowed select brands to create pages prior to the official rollout. The Muppets, Toyota and Macy’s have all jumped on board, quickly planning ‘Hangouts’ for their followers. You can find a complete list of big brands on Google+ in this article on

And of course Social Fresh has a page too, over here.

But what do YOU need to know before creating your Google+ page? Read on to learn how easy it is, along with tips that will save you some time.

The Muppets were one of the first to launch a Google+ page and start promoting 'hangouts.'

The Search Factor

Google owns search. We could also call this “The Only Leverage Google’s Got.”

So why should a business create a page on Google+?

Google+ Direct connect will connect customers and prospocts directly to your Google+ page in Google search.

Besides the obvious answer of being another channel to communicate with customers, there’s also the search factor. Google has created something called ‘Google+ Direct Connect.’

This will allow anyone to simply Google the ‘+’ sign and your brand and be taken directly to your Google+ page. This will become the quickest way for customers, prospects and Internet users to find and communicate with your business.

Google has also indicated that +1’s and other stats from Google+ pages will be included in the search algorithm. So you want better SEO? You better create a Google+ page.

How to Create a Google+ Brand Page

1) Category

Local Business or Place – Hotels,
restaurants, places, services. Requires the primary phone number of the local business, so it can be located on Google Places.

Product or Brand – Apparel, cars,
electronics, financial services. Requires the selection of a secondary category.

Example secondary categories:

Arts and Entertainment
Baby and Kids
Public Figure
Fashion and Beauty
Computers and Hardware
Mature* (Interesting that Google+ is inviting mature content)

Company, Institution or Organization – Companies, institutions, organizations or nonprofits. Also requires the selection of a secondary category.

Example secondary categories:

Banks and Financial
Education and Schools
Media, News and Publishing
Political Organization

Arts, Entertainment or Sports – Movies, TV, Music, Books, Sports, Shows. Must also select a secondary category.

Example secondary categories:

Award Show
Concert Tour
Fictional Character
Radio Station
Record Label
TV Channel

Other – Use if your page doesn’t fit into any other category.

2) Audience

Select WHO your content will be appropriate for, agree to page terms and hit ‘Create.’

Age options include:

Any Google+ user
Users 18 and older
Users 21 and older
Alcohol related

3) Tagline

Customize your page’s public profile by adding a tagline, ‘The 10 words that describe your page best.’

4) Photo / Logo

This image is square and be cropped after you upload. It is exactly the same – as best we can tell – as the personal profile image. Google+ makes it easy to share new profile images once they are changed by prompting you to do so.

5) About Page

Edit your page profile by adding an ‘introduction,’ contact info and website. To do this, simply click on the link to ‘manage your pages’ and click the blue ‘edit profile’ button. (Shown below)

Google+ blue edit profile button allows you to update your page information.

6) Add your business to Google+ Direct Connect.

Simply install a snippet of code to the header file of your website, and your site will be eligible. This feature will allow anyone searching for your brand in Google to put a ‘+’ before your brand name and be taken directly to your Google+ profile.

To get the custom code, click on the ‘Get started’ link on your brand page profile and then go to the ‘Connect your website’ section.

Connect your website to your Google+ page by using the code generated in your account.


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