Play Geek Movie Trivia: Free Social Fresh EAST Tickets


On Wednesday at 2pm EST, we are going to kick off another trivia challenge on Twitter. We will be giving away 10 free tickets to our next social media conference, Social Fresh EAST.

Do you know your Ecto-mobiles from your Batmobiles? Your flux capacitor wattage? Your weird science from your science fiction?

If you think you have the geek movie chops, this is your chance to check out our biggest event yet, for free.

How To Play:

Follow @socialfresh on Wednesday (Jan. 25) at 2pm EST

There will be 10 total questions on geek movie trivia.

Each winner receives a full access pass to Social Fresh EAST (Feb. 6-7).


  1. Follow @socialfresh
  2. Answers must include the #socialfresh hashtag
  3. First correct answer wins (according to

Fine print:
Winning Twitter accounts must represent a person, not a business or other entity. You must be 18 years or older. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada. Social Fresh may refuse to award a free ticket to someone for any reasons. Prizes are transferrable. Prizes cannot be sold or redeemed for cash. Tickets are not refundable. Winners chosen at random.


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