14 things social marketers say



One of the big themes we’ve seen a steady increase in through all the Social Fresh Conferences has to be the focus by marketers on visual storytelling.

Quality images are no longer an option for many businesses, but a consistent investment.

So to help promote our social media conferences this year, we decided to steal borrow from one of our favorite visual content leaders, Someecards.

I’m sure you’ve seen the influence of Someecards across the web. Their simple idea is wildly creative, visual, and flexible, which is probably why the concept is so shareable.

Simply pair an old style black and white illustration with a solid color background, add a witty comment, and share with the world. 

You have probably seen the series of posts we’ve affectionately called Freshecards, poking fun at the nuances we experience as social media marketers.

Some are personal behaviors, some professional, but all are relatable to anyone who works in social. Share them with your friends that work in social, call it therapy. =)

Below is the full series of posts, created exclusively for Social Fresh by our longtime friends and partners at social media agency Ignite Social Media. They were a big help in the inspiration and execution of these awesome images. So be sure to give them some love.

Add your ideas for our next Freshecard in the comments below and we might use it in our next round.

1. Broken Hashtags


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2. TMI Tweets


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3. Humblebrag


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4. #NoGurus


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5. Social Media Conference Drinking Game


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6. Viral Tears


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7. Dear Hotmail Friends


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8. Wedding Reach


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9. Offline Dating?


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10. Unfulfilled Selfies


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11. Like Like


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12. Holy Tweets


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13. The Instagram Diet


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14. Proposed Livestream


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Share your Freshecard one-liners below and we will credit you when we us it.


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