The Data Behind 11 Million Weekly Foursquare Checkins

by | May 20, 2011

Foursquare NY vs San FranciscoThis past January 2011, the Wall Street Journal did a big data dive into Foursquare. They took a single week of all the checkin data from Foursquare and pulled out some nice insights that were worth sharing.

Below are some of the more interesting stats they dug up:

  • 2,197,870 Foursquare venues had at least one checkin during the week
  • Almost half of those venues, 44.5%, ONLY had one checkin
  • About .11% of those venues, 2,500 garnered 100 checkins or more
  • With over 13,000 checkins, the most popular venue was the fake venue, named Snowpocalypse 2011, in NYC. A 19 inch snow storm that blanketed the city on the evening of Wednesday, January 26th
  • The second most popular venue is one of the biggest shopping centers in Asia, Siam Paragon in Bangkok, and had 7,000 checkins
  • The average number of checkins per venue was four
  • Total checkins = 10.9+ million
  • Checkins per day = 1.5+ million
  • New York City checkins = 310,000+
  • San Francisco checkins = 190,000+
  • United States checkins = 4.4+ million
  • Checkins while eating = 2.2+ million
  • Checkins by men = 6.5+ million
  • Checkins by women = 4.1+ million
  • Top 3 NYC venue categories = Corporate office, home, bar
  • Top 3 San Francisco venue categories = Coffee shop, home, corporate office

Read Full Article here at the Wall Street Journal.




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