10 Tactics for Increasing Online Form Conversion Rates [REPORT]


The Form Conversion Report 2014 - FormstackAccording to Gartner, by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their purchasing relationships without talking to a human.

As more and more customers favor online interaction — forms, social networks and live website engagement are the touch points that will close deals.

This week, Formstack, provider of online form-building solutions, released its Form Conversion Report, surveying 250 of their customers in detail, and also examining data from more than 450,000 Formstack accounts.

In the study, they found that only 9% of Formstack customers surveyed embed forms on their business’ Facebook page, but 44% use Facebook to promote forms.

This stat would seem to illustrate that while marketers don’t fully trust social as a standalone lead generator, they do trust it as a promotional tool in their funnel.

So how can brands capture more responses using online forms? Here are 10 quick tips:

1. Be as concise as possible.

Many people are hesitant to share personal or sensitive information. If your form feels too invasive, users may not want to complete it.

2. Make it a contest.

formstack form conversion rates by type

Contests have the highest conversion rate of any form type at 28%. If you can figure out how to get the information you want and make it into a contest submission, it should help your cause.

3. Go short and go long.

Try changing form lengths or field content on your form. Test different form lengths, question types, or submit-button copy.

See how your customers respond. Every industry (and every form!) is different; explore your options and see what works best.

4. Get athletic.

formstack company type conversions form

Sports focused forms convert at the highest rate, 18%. So just change your product to a sports product. Kidding of course.

In all seriousness, if you can think of an organic way to include a sports focused contest or survey in one of your company’s promotions or campaigns, it might be worth testing. Consumers are passionate about their sports and it could help gain their attention.

5. Embed your forms on the top half of your website.

Expose web traffic to your form without scrolling down the page.

6. Create targeted landing pages to generate qualified leads.

Research industry keywords and build content to drive your audience.

7. Maximize your use of email. 

formstack email traffic

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to gain and engage customers. No matter how many billions of emails are sent each day, people are still opening, clicking, and engaging with marketing emails.

To maximize opens, send your promotional emails during the workday. On both desktop and mobile, most people are opening emails between 10am and 4pm.

8. Include a clear call to action.

Avoid indecisive visitors by stating one clear benefit to completing the form. This will increase clicks and conversions.

9. Give your form a clear value prop.

Include a strong call to action with your form to communicate the benefit of filling it out.

Your users will be much more likely to submit their information when they know they are getting something in return.

10. Customize your form to match your brand.

Don’t confuse your users with a plain form. Add you logo, branding colors, and use your brand voice.


These are just a taste of the insights Formstack released in their Form Conversion Report. Download your copy and get access to 15 pages stacked full of insights.

Formstack is a Social Fresh Conference partner. But they also just know a ton of cool stuff about getting consumers to fill out forms. Find out more from them on their blog here. Or come out to our next social media conference, Social Fresh EAST. They will be there sharing these awesome insights and more.


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