Why Facebook’s New Verified Pages Matter


In a move to lend pages greater authenticity, Facebook introduced Verified Pages for high-profile people and businesses.

Verification is available to a small number of Facebook pages who are at the greatest risk of impersonation on Facebook.

Facebook Verified Pages

Verified pages will be clearly marked with a small, blue checkmark so that users can tell in Graph Search and general Facebook browsing that the profile is authentic. The symbol will exist in a number of places throughout the site:

  • to the right of the page name
  • when hovering over the page’s name
  • in Graph Search Queries
  • in stories about people liking a Page
  • in News Feed ads

Facebook’s official statement states that there is no sign-up process for getting a Page verified; however, some brands have found early success by contacting their representative.

This seems like a way to simply expedite the process, as just like with Twitter, pages eligible for verification will automatically be verified. Newly verified pages will make owners aware via Facebook notification (not Facebook message, as yesterday’s unfortunately timed hoax reported.) According to Facebook, advertising spend levels will have no impact on the verification status.

Why This is Important?

Facebook is positioning itself as a resource for real-time content broadcasting. Though Twitter is currently the king of this arena, it’s clear that Facebook is making strides to compete with the introduction of Threaded Replies, subscriptions to public figures, content lists, rumored Facebook hashtags, and now, Verified Pages.

Verification will serve as extra incentive for the high profile individuals and celebrities that currently spend their time on Twitter to do the same activities on Facebook.

There have long been privacy and hacking concerns as well as the fear of imposter profiles. Verified profiles aims to alleviate those concerns.  Verified Pages (along with the recent roll-out of Threaded Replies) will also make Facebook a more appealing destination for journalists and media elites.

The feature not only ensures that celebrity pages are actually run by the person, but also helps readers confirm the authenticity of reports claiming to come from official sources.

Facebook will not take on Twitter’s real-time conversation edge tomorrow, but it has the power to chip away at it, one feature at a time.



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