First Look at the New Facebook Search


Facebook is making a ton of announcements about their new Graph Search. Follow that link to join the waiting list and see it first when it comes out. No word yet exactly when that will be, but the new feature looks pretty complete.

Check out how crazy fast it is:

Some of the features demoed today within Graph Search:

  1. Search for friends by where they live, where they work, who they are friends with
  2. Search for photos of friends based on where they were taken, how many likes/comments they have, when they were taken
  3. Search through photos you have liked
  4. Search for local businesses, like restaurants, based on where your friends have gone. You can refine by place type, liked by, places in (location), Visited by (My friends), similar to Foursquare.
  5. Search for “My friends who live in Palo Alto who like Game of Thrones” and invite those friends to a viewing party (and invite them via a Facebook event)
  6. Search for  movies or tv shows your friends like.
  7. Search for graduates of NYU that live in Seattle to organize an alumni meetup.
Natural Language

The options go on and on. The product looks very comprehensive, utilizing natural language recognition, so when you search for “friends in NYC” it will know to sort a list of your friend only living in New York, NY.

The search tool also reaches out into every element of the Facebook graph, from your friends to local businesses to your photos to tv shows and books.

Featured Prominently

Facebook Graph search is currently in beta. It will be in the top blue bar on soon. Facebook’s logo is also now being replaced with just the F logo. And all notifications are moving from the top left to the top right. That should put a lot of attention on this new search tool.

Updates from Zuck Q&A

  • No open graph integration yet
  • No API yet
  • No ads yet beyond existing search complete ads
  • “Years and years of work ahead of us”
  • No estimate of when it will be available on mobile
  • Zuck says users have been asking for a better way to find people and places through Facebook (agreed!)
  • Zuck emphasizes that Facebook has a partnership with Microsoft but this is not web search (yet?)

More news on this coming as we get it.

A few photos from the Verge:

Update: Facebook already has a privacy video up. Smart. 



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