5 Tips For Deciding Which Facebook Posts To Promote


Originally published at Simply Measured

Facebook promoted posts are a new marketing tool for amplifying the reach of specific content. Before you start reallocating ad dollars, you need to determine what content is worth promoting.

In this post, we break down five ways you can analyze the data from your Facebook page to guide your promoted posts plan. The more insights you have ahead of time, the greater likelihood of success when you execute.

1. Give New Life to Historical Content

Analyze your content from a historical time period (3, 6, or even 9 months ago) to find posts with high engagement. These top-performing legacy posts have the potential to be successful when promoted.

2. Re-Cast Lower Performing Content

Using another content analysis, you can identify posts that drove little or no engagement. Knowing what hasn’t work gives you the opportunity to recast that content and then give it new a life with promotion.

3. Expand the Reach of Popular Content

Identify recently published content with high engagement and capitalize on those posts with paid promotion. This can increase the exposure and improve the success of your overall advertising strategy.

4. Competitive Analysis: What Works for Your Industry

Analyzing your competitors can also help determine what content to promote. Identifying top performers and understanding what content they use to successfully drive engagement, gives another data point for your promoted content strategy.

5. Channel Context: Cross-Channel Insights

Determining what works well on other social channels, could bring to light posts that deserve a spot in your promoted plan.

Bringing It All Together

Evaluating and measuring your current content performance, gives you a pre-launch prep list, and sets your campaigns up for success, prior to spending any money. When you do launch, you will be starting off with a smarter, data-driven plan, that will save you time and money.

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