5 Reasons to Use Facebook’s Power Editor


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Facebook Ads Power EditorFacebook Power Editor is a very powerful tool for any Facebook marketer.

And yet you might hear a lot of very smart marketers ask this question.

What is the Facebook Power Editor?

Power Editor is Facebook’s advanced ad editor that allows you to manage a large number of Facebook ad variations more quickly. It makes creating a ton of Facebook ads much easier. And it allows you to do a few very cool things that you just cannot do using Facebook’s basic ad manager.

The Power Editor has to be installed in a Chrome Browser to use — Facebook shares how to install it here. Very painless process.

Facebook advertising in general are underutilized by businesses on Facebook. And the Power Editor supercharges what you can do with Facebook ads.

If you are serious about marketing on Facebook, you need to know more about Facebook ads. This is one of the reasons we launched the Advanced Facebook Ads online conference in 2012 (we are already working on the 2013 conference, but our 2012 conference is still online and extremely useful).

And Facebook’s Power Editor lets you get more out of your Facebook ads.

So, what can Power Editor do?

Let’s break down three of the main benefits for using the power editor and give you a quick overview of how to get started.

1. Duplicate Button

This is quite simple, but very very helpful.

Let’s you know you want to split test your Facebook ad by the type of image, headline, and then by targeting three age groups. Depending on how many images and headlines you test, you already have dozens of Facebook ad variations to create. Clicking through, uploading, and setting your targeting for each one of those is tedious beyond words.

Instead, create one ad. Duplicate it. Now you have two ads. Duplicate again and you have four ads. Then eight. Then 16, 32, 64, etc. Now you can click each individual ad and edit the one or details you need.

2. Better Facebook Ad Image Management

One of the most useful things I noticed when I started using Power Editor is that all the image I had ever used in Facebook ads for Social Fresh were sitting there waiting for me. Finding past images that were successful to use is now much easier.

I also found myself visually looking for trends amongst the images we had used previously. Looking for opportunities to repeat success with new images as well as new image types to try that we had not yet tested.

3. Bulk Import

If you are really getting into bulk Facebook ad creation, Power Editor offers another option that could increase your sanity. Bulk uploading allows you to edit all your ad options in an excel spreadsheet template, eliminating all that annoying clicking. If you are doing a lot of large volume and want to keep control of all your variables, the bulk upload option will save your life.

4. Mobile Targeting

If you sell an iPhone app you clearly would want to just target your Facebook ads to iPhone users if at all possible. Power Editor lets you do this and more. You can target Android or iOS. And on the iOS front you can even target iPhone, iPod or iPad users.

A couple other example of how useful this targeting option can be. iOS owners typically spend more money than Android users, which could be valuable to luxury marketers or even brands focused on a female audience. Or you may want to try and target an app for teenagers to iPods who are more likely to be user by a younger demographic.

5. News Feed Targeting

Simply ask yourself. What are YOU looking at when you go to Facebook.com? Are you focusing at the sidebar where the ads are? No, you are not. Unless you are a Facebook advertiser who can’t turn off your market research mode. You can admit it, it’s ok.

Facebook users look at the News feed.

The value of placing your brand there is clear. And the stats prove that theory out. According to industry leading Facebook ad vendor Spruce Media, News feed ads are causing click through rates to sky rocket.

Better insights to impact the rest of your marketing decisions. You might think that your audience is one demographic, but testing larger sets of ad variants can allow you to see who is responding to your marketing messages more or less. Women aged 25-30 or Men aged 30-35.


This is honestly just the start. Power Editor is a very useful took for any Facebook marketer. If you have a Facebook vendor or agency running your ads for you, you might be able to outsource ALL of this work. But still, Power Editor lets you test and track your Facebook ads in impressive ways. Give it a test drive if you have not already.



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