Facebook testing tons of new targeting options for organic page content


Facebook PagesFacebook has been consistently improving their post publisher. This year alone they have added promoted posts and scheduled posts as options for organic Facebook content.

Now Facebook is testing a few more bells and whistles.

Facebook page admins can currently target posts according to geography and language. These tools are especially useful for pages maintaining unique content calendars in different countries.

Now Facebook is testing several new targeting options for organic posts. Here is the full list that some page admins are seeing:

  • age new
  • gender new
  • interested in new
  • relationship status new
  • language
  • education new
  • workplace new
  • location (country, state, city)

Facebook new page post targeting options

You will also notice that when you select your targeting criteria, the new publisher shows you the number of fans that post will be targeted to.

This new feature, if rolled out to all Page admins, will be extremely useful and allow the Promoted Post feature to be even more powerful. Now that Facebook has an easy way for pages to pay to promote posts, they are improving the value of that specific ad product immensely.

Here is the specific announcement one Facebook page admin received from a Facebook rep:

“Today, we will start rolling out an enhanced version of Page Post Targeting to a small percentage of Page Admins. Over the next few weeks, this will become available to all pages.

With this new feature, Pages can now target their posts to certain fans in the news feed who meet specific criteria such as age, gender, location, language, etc. All content will still remain on the Page since this is the only way to allow friends of engaged fans who don’t meet the targeting criteria to see viral stories (i.e. David likes a post.. )”





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