4 Examples of How to Target Facebook Content to Unique Fan Demographics


Written by Jim Lupkin and Donna Newman of Summa Social 

Regardless of your job description, none of us are immune to the influences of a changing – and often challenging – marketplace. And, Facebook Marketing Success, however you define it, can be somewhat elusive.

Business owners have difficulty seeing the value of Facebook as it relates to customer flow and sales. Oftentimes, there is a misconception that simply stamping your Facebook Wall with a post will cause clients to flock your storefront.

So, how does Facebook Marketing work, you ask?

Good question.

It all starts with the first conversation. Think for a moment: why do you buy from one brand and not another? At the heart of your answer is: “Talk to me as a person and make the conversation interesting.”

That’s where you start.

On Facebook you can talk to people or you can engage with people.

Engaging with people means speaking their lingo and interests based on their demographic and physiographic. Use words and images that make your fans or customers feel as though each one is the only one you’re talking with.

Divide and Conquer

Now, with Facebook’s new post targeting options, you can better zero in on segments of your Facebook fans, sending each of these groups of fans more tailored content. If you tweak a Facebook post one way for men and and another way for women, changing a few details for each, response can increase when compared to sending one less personal message to all your fans. Same for older and younger Facebook users, different geographies, etc.

Below you’ll find 4 very similar Facebook wall posts when it comes to message – targeted at 4 different demographics, including young men, older men, young women and older women.




“Social Media Success: How do you become successful? You should be glowing when you talk about your product on Facebook. Others will sense your love for delivering a great product or service. Why wouldn’t they buy? You LIKE this picture?”


This post captured the attention of young male small business owners between the ages of 18-35. These entrepreneurs tend to use more hip words like “glow” and “love”. Truth be told, younger men step on the brakes when an attractive image appears in their newsfeed.




“Social Media Success: How do you become successful? By being patient and thinking long term. How long did it take before you considered yourself an expert in your field? Can I get a LIKE?”


With a nostalgic baseball image, this post captured the attention of older male small business owners between the ages of 35-55. WHY you ask? This target audience knows first hand that tangible success does not happen over night and most strive to be the best in their field.




“Social Media Success: How do you become successful? Believing you can be more. LIKE?”


As a rule, most female small business owners between the ages of 18-35 favor light-hearted, inspirational conversations. And, they’re always the first to initiate encouragement, which proved why over 16 people “shared” the post to their own walls.




“Social Media Success: How do you become successful? Keeping it Simple. LIKE?”


Female small business owners between the ages of 35-55 like to keep life simple and organized – no nonsense. They oftentimes have an overly committed lifestyle complete with a fulltime career, spouse, children, and extended family. They don’t have time for clutter. They can relate to the woman in the picture.


Successful Facebook marketing is no longer in the leprechaun and unicorn category. It exists when you start the conversation with targeted words so your audience responds with likes, comments, even shares and possibly wanting to take the conversation off Facebook for a bottom-line purchase.

Here’s the kicker: you can easily optimize your brand-customer relationship across your targeted demographic by reviewing your Facebook Insights. Are you ready to move from high-fives to bottom-line business?


Written by:
Donna Newman & Jim Lupkin, co-founders in SummaSocial.com, a social platform for the Small Business Community.


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