Surprisingly, 57% of Facebook users are active on mobile


It may not be surprising to those of you out there who wake up, roll over, and check Facebook on your iPhone, but the number of Facebook users who regularly check their newsfeed on their cell phone is quite high.

In May we saw 488 million active mobile Facebook users. Out of their 955 million user base, that was 51 percent.

SocialBakers, a social analytics company, reported that, according to Facebook ad data, this number has risen to 543 million or 57 percent. That is 12% growth in just a few months.

Facebook’s mobile push has been on a tear over the last year. And their work seems to be paying off.

The below infographic shares even more interesting stats about Facebook mobile users. We’ve seen some promising Facebook ad results from the mobile user base. Facebook now allows brands to push apps and Pages to mobile users in the newsfeed.

Some interesting stats from the graphic:

  • North America is still leading with 161 million mobile users
  • Countries with the highest Facebook mobile option are mainly in Africa (8 of the top 10), where mobile phones are often the first and only computer
  • Android has seen major Facebook mobile use growth in the past few months, adding 22.5 million users
  • iPad finally getting a usable app has helped grow that user base by 45%

Facebook Mobile Infographic

via SocialBakers


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