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Social Toolkit 30: Social talk with a social veteran with Matthew Knell. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Matthew Knell, a social media strategist and marketer, with a long history designing, developing, and marketing a wide array of successful online products for major brands including JetBlue, AOL and Viacom and currently serves as the VP of Social Media at About.com. Knell stops by the Social Toolkit to discuss the recent AOL acquisition, Facebook release of instant articles, content discovery at a large scale, and drops his 3 nuggets of how to get the most out of a conference.

  • App of the Week: Extinct Startups – Beautiful t-shirts from your favorite dead startups. Who doesn’t want a Napster t-shift? Am I right?
  • AOL acquires Verizon
    • AOL distribution network
    • Advertising
    • Huffington Post spinning off
    • Future of content for AOL
  • Content Discovery
    • About.com team approach to content discovery
    • Tools for content discovery for Knell and the about.com team
    • How the about.com team communicates amongst each other
      • Crowdtangle
      • A giant index of FB pages updated on a regular basis
    • Facebook testing instant articles from news publishers
      • Facebook to start directly hosting articles from news organizations
      • Selling and embeding ads in the articles
      • Facebook permitting the news companies to collect data about the people reading the articles
    • Matthew Knell’s 3 Nuggets of getting the most out of a conference
      • Knell’s expectation from his team members when he sends them to a conference
      • Go to tools when he is at a conference


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