Oh great, Facebook has fallen in love with gradients on photos


Facebook is 8 years old.

And often acts like it.

As a child wants to be something new everyday or to paint their room a new color every new month — Facebook does it a little differently, and instead enjoys making significant changes to profiles and pages.

Every month changes roll out. And every month users cope, like house guests bending to the will of child with super powers. Yes, that was a Twilight Zone reference.

Sometimes the changes are good. And sometimes they seem trivial.

Recently, it is someone at Facebook’s job to put black gradients on all the photos of the site. Now there is a function for it. They are doing this so they can put white text on the images and make sure it is readable.

First it was the friends box on our personal profiles.

Then it was group member photos.

And now, evidently, they are testing it with the cover photo.

Image source: Talking Points Memo

As design choices go, I don’t really see the value add.

Another day in the wild ride that is Facebook I suppose.

What do you think?



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