4 Quick, Powerful Metrics For Your Facebook page


As an introduction into the world of social analytics, social software company Pagelever recently introduced Minilytics for Facebook.

Posting content to various social networks can be overwhelming. There is a general demand for content. Combine that with increasing popularity of third-party platforms being used to post content on social sites, and  brands can lose sight of measuring the success of that content.

Minilytics gives a quick snapshot into that content for quick analysis.

After connecting with your Facebook account, the free web application pulls insights data from any pages you are an admin of and creates reports designed to quickly and clearly answer four questions:

1. Who are my fans?

2. What is the best type of post?

Pagelever likely told Social Fresh links were best because we use promoted posts when sharing links, thereby reaching a larger audience than most organic posts from the page.

3. What percentage of fans am I reaching?

4. When is the best time to post?

For questions like “What is the best type of post” Pagelever explains that their service looks at the last 100 posts, separates them out by post type (links, photos, videos, etc) and then rank the different types using their Relative Impact algorithm.

While not a substitute for Facebook Insights, the scaled down Minilytics is a great snapshot for marketers who are unfamiliar with Facebook Insights, or are interested in Pagelever’s full suite of social analytics tools.

Are you using an external platform to monitor and manage your Facebook or are you using the built-in insights tools? Why or why not do you choose that method of measuring?


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