These 3 brands actually get employee advocacy



For many moons they only called employees promoting the brand the Sales Team.

Today, any employee can influence their personal network during the purchase process.

Employee advocacy is a measurable approach to growing word of mouth sales while keeping your brand in tact.

Paul Adams discovered people share in small groups.

We often only connect with a select group of people each month. The Edelman Trust Barometer found that regular employees have more credibility than executives.

If you want to grow your social reach, why not think small and personal. Employee Advocacy might just help you grow. Not to mention the recent Facebook pay-to-play updates, employee advocacy may more important than you think.

To get some ideas how you can start take at a few brands we noticed:

1. Starbucks

starbukcs partners twitter

Starbucks refers to their employees as “partners”.

Starbucks Partners is an internal program to outline what it means #tobeapartner and develop “moments of connection.”

[Employee Guidelines]

2. Bluewolf

bluewolf going social

Bluewolf is a global IT consulting firm specializing. Bluewolf valued employee advocacy so much that in 2012 they launched an incentive program for employees to build their personal brand.

#GoingSocial provides employees with a portal for the tools and video guidance they need to launch their own personal brand.

[#Going Social]

3. Koka Sexton

koka sexton

Koka is the Global Senior Manager, LinkedIn Social Marketing for LinkedIn.  He is a responsible to make sure you know about LinkedIn marketing solutions. He is the example of what an employee advocate can do for a brand.



If organized properly, the concept of employee advocacy can lead to social sales, lead generation and stronger brand loyalty for customers and employees.


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