Tip: Turn Your Company’s Email Into A Content Library


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Social Fresh TipsThis tip is one of dozens from a report we are releasing next week called the Content Marketing Template. It’s the comprehensive guide for building a content plan that delivers real business results.

If you are reading this, you likely send tons of emails every day.  Your boss, your coworkers, your employees — they send a ton of email too.

Those emails are your untapped resource of content. 

Your sales and customer service teams are constantly emailing with customers. They are answering common customer questions and discussing product features. They also speak to unique uses of your product.

Every single one of those emails is a piece of content you could be documenting as a resource, a library of content ideas.

Quickly put this into action: Start cataloging relevant conversations by  BCCing an internal email address.

bcc content ideas

Chris Moody (@cnmoody), one of the smart content marketing leads over at Oracle, told me about this tip and how well it worked for some of their clients.

The Oracle Content Marketing tool (previously Compendium) has all of this built in and lets you easily, with maybe 10 minutes of work, turn these emails into search optimized blog posts.

But, even if you don’t have Oracle’s software, this is a tip that any business can utilize:

  1. Create an email address specifically for these types of content idea emails. For instance, we might use ContentIdeas AT socialfresh DOT com.
  2. Teach your employees how to identify the right kind of emails to BCC to this email address.
  3. Forward all the emails to a specific folder. You can even do this in gmail very simply using folders and filters.

Now you have a rich library of content ideas ready to be turned into blog posts, how to videos, the possibilities are many.

This type of content is great because it is based on the questions your customers and prospects are already asking. It is highly relevant to the type of people you want your content marketing to reach.

Learn more tips like this by reserving your copy of the Content Marketing Prototype today.


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