3 Key Questions Content Marketers Should Be Asking


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Would you like access to data behind the online performance of 3.7 million companies?

Sure, who wouldn’t?

Jeanne Hopkins of HubSpot presented on Content Marketing for Inbound Lead Generation at Social Fresh Charlotte on last Tuesday. She shared tons of actionable lessons and stats from Website Grader’s database of 3.7 million companies. Website Grader is a free HubSpot application that allows you to test the quality of your website.

Hopkins explained: “Inbound marketing is a fundamental shift in how we relate to potential customers.” The strategy emphasizes content marketing and “publishing” over “push” advertising and shifts your paradigm to focus on “pull” marketing through earned and owned media assets. Hopkins added: “Start attracting leads through relevant, useful, easy-to-find content when they need it.”

1. Why Should You Be Blogging?

“Publish everything,” says Hopkins from podcasts and videos to photos and eBooks. And while it’s true that blogging is not appropriate for every brand, if properly executed your brand will benefit from the fruits of your blogging labor. Jeanne explained that blogs attract 97% more links and 55% more website visitors than brands without blogs. She offered a tip: “Talk about the industry –  not yourself – and use lots of different media to share your content.”

2. Do You Know What Gets You Links?

Ever wonder which words are the most linked? Struggle with headline writing because you’re just not sure what piques a person’s interest the most? You’re in luck! Hopkins shared HubSpot’s list of the most linked-to words (in descending order): recent, insights, soon, answers, analysis, facts, review, build, great and tips. Now you’re all set to write that headline!

Regarding search, Hopkins stressed the importance of using keywords that your audience uses, training content producers in SEO basics and, at the end of the day, focusing on “great content more than technical tweaks.” It’s certainly easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a flashy website, but people will come back everyday for new helpful content—not new buttons and designs.

3. Does Your Content Load on My Phone?

Ask yourself this first. Why? Here’s one reason: “86% of C-level executives have a smartphone and the majority say it is their primary communication tool,” Hopkins states. Media research company Nielson projected that by the end of 2011 smartphones will overtake feature phones and 1 in 2 Americans will have a smartphone. Make sure that your website and/or email is optimized for mobile. How? See Hopkins’ tips below.

How-to Optimize Content for Mobile

  1. Avoid images, tables and columns
  2. Use formatted text
  3. Use text (not images) for links
  4. Test your site on multiple mobile phones

Content marketing can significantly multiply the number of ways your customers can find you. And we ALL want more customers to find us!

What content marketing questions do you have?

Image source: Shutterstock.com


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