Hard Choices: No Social Fresh Conference This Year

by | Apr 5, 2023

For the first time since Social Fresh was founded in 2008, we’re not hosting a Social Fresh conference this year. Even during the height of the pandemic when we couldn’t meet in person, we produced 4 virtual conferences.

It was a tough decision. 

We knew we wanted to focus on live cohort training in 2023 (check out our TikTok Marketing Course for Business). But, our team has also been impacted by Long Covid. And honestly, the event industry is still facing challenges that are tough on events like ours.

There’s a lot of stress in producing conferences, but there is also a huge sense of accomplishment. Watching a show come together live and seeing a community and friendships form at live events is special. 

But, like every business over the last three years, we’ve had to make hard choices, and this one was beyond difficult. 

As we try something new this year, we’re letting the community take the lead to help us build something that greatly impacts your day-to-day job and career. 

So, why live cohorts?

Or maybe you’re asking, ‘what the hell is a live cohort?’ 

In the simplest form, live cohort training is a webinar series with more interaction. Think more Q&A, group discussion, and some live work or group work. With support. The interaction is key. It makes online training magnitudes more effective. 

Most people never come close to completing an online course. Some never show up at all, even if they paid for it. The most popular online courses can see completion rates as low as 3%. Cohort training, however, regularly has a 90% completion rate or higher. 

It turns out that when humans talk to each other and create genuine connections while doing a task, our brains respond. We pay more attention. We learn more. We stick with it. And it’s more enjoyable. Who woulda thought?

Our first live cohort course is focused on TikTok training for brands and will kick off later this month. This is the highest-demand topic our community requested. And we believe there is a clear business case for TikTok.

We’re teaching how to navigate the high-growth world of short-form video with a focus on the TikTok-first strategy we recommend for our agency clients. We’ll teach how to make more TikTok video content in less time. How to find a TikTok niche that doesn’t require constant trend-chasing and ad spend. And why TikTok myths have created a huge opportunity for businesses.

We’re excited to invest in this type of training and can’t wait for the first cohort to start.

Growing Our Agency Services

Our other big focus for 2023 is growing the agency side of the house to be the primary focus for Social Fresh, as a boutique media agency.

Our services focus on managing digital ad creative and ad spend across Meta, Google, TikTok and other social platforms. We also support social strategy, content marketing, and SEO. All in support of audience and customer growth.

We’ve worked with brands large and small, including Credit Karma, HubSpot, L’Oreal, and HP. But, mostly, we’re looking for clients that want to up the quality of their paid and organic creative. That’s where we thrive.

Thanks for always supporting Social Fresh Conference over the years. We don’t know what’s in store for 2024 yet, but we’re not going anywhere. Let us know if we can help your team with training or agency support.

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