How To Talk To Your Community About Moderation Without Sounding Like A Jerk



Source: HONY

HONY, aka Humans of New York, is an amazing photographer in New York that focuses entirely on very organic portraits of New Yorkers, on the streets of NYC, and their stories.

But of course this is the internet, and people love to judge. And when you have a publishing channel commenting is available, moderation is a must.

Some people choose to comment on HONY’s photos in a negative way about the subjects in the portraits. HONY does not allow this. They could have posted this as a simple turse rule. They could have ignored the complaints they received.


They were human. And honest. And empathetic.

Many of us probably cannot post language like this for our business:

“We aren’t stiff or prudish. But we do know the difference between being funny and being a dick.”
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We can all be human, and honest, and use empathy. That is the only way real people will relate to your business. [Tweet this]

Hat tip to @Nikisnotes for the find.


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