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Social Toolkit 27: The Today Show’s Visual Content, with Anthony Quintano. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, orSoundcloud to listen later.

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The Today Show’s Social Media Manager, Anthony Quintano, joins the show to discuss his role of providing direct support for social media and digital platforms to correspondents, anchors and staff to the Today Show. The guys also talk Al Roker on Periscope, the use of photography and video for brands, the best hardware for photos and videos (including selfie sticks), multimedia apps, and where Anthony is finding to be the best places for publishing and distributing his photos.

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  • Keeping up with the ever-progressive Al Roker
  • Photography and Video for brands
    • The rise of it’s importance
    • The need to hire a professional
    • Is it necessary to train teams on this skill set?
    • Anthony shares his emotions on when he see’s a less than average photo from a brand
  • The best hardware for photo’s and video
    • Anthony’s Photo Toolkit
    • The selfie stick
    • Is there really a difference in selfie sticks?
    • Why DSLR matters
  • Taking and editing photos….with multimedia apps
  • Where Anthony is sharing and distributing photo’s


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