How To Change Your Facebook Page Vanity URL


Facebook PagesLast week Facebook finally made it easy to change your customer Facebook page URL.

This feature has been requested for some time. Trademark issues and brand name squatters will still cause some brands a few issues, but this should go a long way to helping most businesses adjust their Facebook strategy.

Business names change occasionally. As do naming conventions. And even our social media strategies.

All these things cause us to need to tweak the most important URL in our social media arsenal. And until this change, it took getting in touch with a Facebook rep that was receptive to your needs if you wanted to rewrite the text after

The big caveat here is you can only change the name once. So if and when you use this new feature, make sure you plan for the long term.

Step 1. Update Info

Go to the page you want to change the URL of, as your personal profile, not the page. And then click on “Edit Page” in the top right page navigation and then “Update Info.”

Step 2. Click Change Username

There are several options under the “Update Info” page. Including a link over to the form for requesting a name change. But we are just focused on your vanity URL here, which Facebook calls “Username” for your page. Find this section and click on the “Change Username” link.

Step 3. Check Availability

This screen should look familiar. It is the same page you used to originally set your page vanity URL. In fact you can skip directly to this username page and change any of the pages of which you are an admin.

If you came from your page’s “Update Info” section, then the right page will already be selected and you can edit or type in the new desired vanity URL. Click on “Check Availability” and Facebook will check to see if any other Facebook pages have already claimed your desired username.

If not, then after a few CYA warnings from Facebook you can confirm and be home free. Say hello to your new Facebook page vanity URL.

But as I said before, make sure you get everything right. Think long term. Triple check the new URL spelling. And maybe even have a few dozen colleagues come by your desk to make sure everything looks right before you finalize.

You don’t want to have to go crawling back to another Facebook rep after all, right?

Good luck!


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