The One Reason Most Business Blogs Fall Flat


line graph showing growthHow do you run a marathon? Take a step. Repeat.

When I first started blogging for a business I made plenty of mistakes. The biggest of which, I am going to talk about below. But it is important to note that as long as you are writing blog posts for your business, you are moving in the right direction.

Just deciding to start a blog is easy, keeping up with it, and writing content consistently is much much harder.

Most business blogs start  because the business “knows” this blogging thing is important and they need one to keep in touch with their customers and to get new customers. So they start writing.

What Is The Key Missing Ingredient?

Only, here’s the thing. They typically get it all wrong. Yes, I give major props to any business that is blogging on a regular basis. But I do the same thing for anyone that rocks a mustache these days and we all know that it’s not always pretty.

Despite the commitment.

Most business blogs avoid displaying one key thing: competency.

I want a blog to tell me that this business knows their stuff. And even more than that I want it to tell me that they know more than anyone else.

So why do most blogs, even if they are writing a blog post every day, fail to display competence?

Because most business blogs choose to write about their industry rather than write about their customers. It sounds simple, but when you choose to write about your industry you put yourself in major competition with every news and opinion outlet on the web related to your company.

You cannot stand out that way.

Stop writing about anything that does not solve you customer’s problems, and you will start seeing more traction.

Solving Problems Is Harder Than Talking About Problems

When I say you should choose to write about your customers, I am talking about solving their problems. Your blog should show customers how to solve their pain points for themselves. And your product should make it much easier for them to solve those same pain points.

Teaching, instructing, providing how to’s and insights others are not getting to is how you display competence. I wrote about the blueprints for these types of business blog posts recently to help make it easier.

Take a look at your business blog and ask yourself if what you are writing about will move your customers to action or just bore them.



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