Bud Light Nails Peyton Manning Moment

by | Jan 13, 2014

peyton manning wikimedia

“What’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth…that’s priority number one.” – Peyton Manning

Sometimes it’s all about creating the right piece of content in the right moment. After leading his Denver Broncos to a to a 24-17 win over the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game, Peyton Manning simply wanted a beer…a Bud Light specifically.

Shortly thereafter Bud Light sent out a tweet dubbing themselves “Peyton’s refreshment coordinator.” Nice work to the person at Bud Light’s Digital Agency AKQA who quickly captured and posted the Vine tonight.

It wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was just what was needed at the right time and they’ve since followed up by promoting the tweet. In just a few short hours, they’ve created the perfect native ad on Twitter that will be replayed in timelines and searches for days to come. This is a perfect demonstration of how to amplify real-time content.

Call it real-time marketing, call it newsjacking, whatever you call it, it’s good thinking on your feet. #18WantsBudLight



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