6 Branded Viral Videos to Love


It is indeed possible to love a branded viral video. Music videos are the undeniable king of branded viral videos, and viral videos in general if you check the all time Youtube charts. Something to keep in mind. This list excludes videos that originated as TV commercials. While commercials can also become viral, even for years after their original televisions runs. Creating videos that can spread online on their own accord, especially branded ones, is an art all it’s own. In no particular order…

1. Too Late to Apologize – A Declaration, Soomo Publishing

(February 02, 2010) 727k Views – Soomo Publishing, a company that creates interactive online curriculum for college courses, created this take on One Republic’s “Apologize” video to help promote their services. The video was produced in house and was their “first satirical video project and is part of our ongoing effort to facilitate learning in creative, innovative ways.”

2. New Dork, Grasshopper

(March 08, 2010) 938k Views – Grasshopper, a virtual phone service for entrepreneurs, produced this spoof of the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” music video. The “New Dork” version, of course, celebrating their target customers. Grasshopper worked with Seedwell.com to create the video. (Can’t view the above video? See it here)

3. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass, State Farm

(March 01, 2010) 14.85 million views – OK Go’s label, EMI, disabled the embed function on their breakout web video hit, Here It Goes Again. The band was not happy. But it did set up the opportunity for Statefarm to step forward and sponsor (for an undisclosed, but very large sum) the video for their song “This Too Shall Pass” to be able to be embedded on this site and any other. (Can’t see the above video? See it here)

4. Where the Hell is Matt? – Stride Gum

(June 20, 2008) 29.73 million views – Matt is a video game developer from Australia who started video tapping himself on his travels through Asia doing one silly dance (his only dance). These videos made him quasi-famous enough to catch the eye of the folks at Stride Gum. And they in turn sponsored him to keep doing what he was doing. (Can’t see the above video? See it here)

5. The Happiness Machine – Coca-Cola

(January 12, 2010) 2.45 million views – Happiness Machine is Coca-Cola’s first global video produced exclusively for viral distribution. The video is a candid account of what happens when their vending machine dazzled students on a college campus with all kinds of free gifts. The video’s distribution and marketing has been limited to a global Tweet and Facebook page announcement was produced for Coca-Cola by Definition 6. (Can’t see the above video? See it here)

6. Cherry Chocolate Rain, Dr. Pepper

(November 28, 2007) 9.85 million views – Tay Zonday created the song and music video Chocolate Rain in July of 2007 and it quickly became a huge hit online, sparking many spoof videos. Before the year was out, he teamed up with Dr. Pepper for this remake video to help promote Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper. (Can’t view the above video? See it here)
Did we miss any branded viral videos that you love?
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