Brendan Lowry

Blue images, duck face and other secrets for getting more Instagram likes

Instagram has solidified itself as a serious social network, fully driven by the power of images. As marketers continue to flock to the platform and business features, like new Instagram ads, solidify, the importance of understanding what images work is more important than ever. For brands on Instagram, Likes don’t just represent engagement, they represent […]

3 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers

Yes, Instagram has been a boon for brands — a self-promotion-safe space to showcase products and connect with consumers. Brands have been investing in adding Instagram followers. But since this digital quasi-catalog is limited to photo and video sharing without click-throughs to ecommerce, Instagram’s ROI isn’t as clear as Facebook or Twitter. How can brands […]

Beautify Your Content: 8 Image Elements that Perform on Pinterest

Beautify Your Content: 8 Image Elements that Perform on Pinterest

In order to better understand how brands can drive consumer engagement with images, Curalate‘s data science team reviewed over a half million images on Pinterest, and examined 30 different visual characteristics — including textures, colors, and presence of faces — to learn how they impact social actions such as Pins, Repins and Likes. As consumers continue […]