32% More Engagement On Facebook During The Weekend


You should send tweets out at 3pm every Wednesday.

Also, chicken nuggets are best consumed in a Nissan Stanza, in the shade, on Thursday afternoons. According to my extensive testing.

There have been a few “research” reports that talk about optimal times to post on social networks. Publishing and tracking dashboard Argyle Social (partner) decided to readdress this topic and do it right. They went through 250 thousand posts and 5 million clicks to put together this nice infographic.

Some Key Insights

  • Marketers post when they are at work for the most part, not necessarily when consumers are interested in engaging
  • B2B marketers get 14% better engagement on Twitter during the week
  • B2C marketers get 32% more engagement on Facebook during the weekend

Argyle emphasizes that their data should be used as a starting point for your testing. Use their insights to make a hypothesis and then test that against past performance to learn when your audience is most engaged.

Argyle Social Timings Insights Infographic

Data-driven social media marketing from Argyle Social


Do you pay attention to the timing of your social media posts? Are you testing?


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