How Tim Cook changed the Apple Watch social media conversation


apple-watchThe smart folks over at Synthesio (a Social Fresh Conference partner) helped us out with some stats about what the world thinks of the new Apple Watch.

Synthesio monitors across social media platforms, review sites, forums, blogs and the comment sections of newspapers, in 50 languages and 200 countries. So everything basically.

Before the official keynote announcing the Apple Watch, the conversation was split somewhat evenly between design, cost, and the functions of the watch. With design taking up 40% of the conversation and secondarily, potential cost taking up 32% of the discussion online.

But after the keynote announcement is where things get interesting.

Apple is design focused. And so is their presentation style at these events. So it is not shocking that the response to Apple’s new product line was definitely designed focused, growing take up over 51% of the online discussions.

The presentation mentioned the “starting at” cost on one slide during the presentation and did not discuss it any further than that. And no one really seemed to care. The conversation around cost was reduced by half.

Features, while a definite focus during Apple’s presentation of the new watch, increased slightly to 32%. I would have expected more discussion about the functionality of the watch after we got to see such a detailed demo of a new product.

Perhaps it was because of how fashion focused watches are. Or perhaps the easiest comment to make after an Apple keynote is how cool the new product looks. But, as a planet, it’s pretty clear that we love to talk design.


“With phrases such as ’luxury’ and ‘fashion designers’ among the top keywords being used by consumers discussing the design of the Apple Watch, it is clear that people were very impressed with this high-end device from Apple, both technologically and aesthetically,” explained Leah Pope, VP of Global Marketing for Synthesio.

We were also able to get a few regional breakdown’s from Synthesio’s technology. In Europe, design was a larger conversation focus, at 55.7%. But in the Asia and South Pacific region, their online conversations about the design of new Apple Watch was the highest at 60.3%.


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