Al Jazeera’s Promoted Twitter Trends See Huge Follower Growth


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Twitter shared some stats and behind the scenes story about how Al Jazeera has used Promoted Trends this past week for their coverage of the political unrest in Egypt.

Al Jazeera’s english language channel has not gotten a lot of love in the US so far, with only 3 American cities currently tuning in.

So if you are a 24 hour news channel, with amazing on the ground footage, and one of the largest most interested audiences in the world can’t find you on cable, what do you do?

From Twitter:
“As I’m writing this, Al Jazeera is still running its extraordinary campaign. When you search for terms like Egypt, Mubarak, ElBaradei, #Jan25 and a host of others, you get results that look something like this:”

Al Jazeera sponsored tweets

And guess what happened? Their quality content got out there in a big way. They began to be a significant part of the Egypt conversations on Twitter. See the mention of AJ before and after their promoted Tweets launched below.

Al Jazeera Promoted Tweets Egypt Unrest Conversation Growth

And wait, there’s more. This massive surge in attention and engagement with American users grew their Twitter followers 10 fold. Check out increase in subscriptions their english language Twitter account saw below.

Al Jazeera English Language Twitter Follower Growth During Egypt Unrest

This timely use of promoted Tweets to break into a new audience is a case study. Brands, publishers, and crisis communication teams everywhere need to take this game plan into their next planning meeting.



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