Addvocate Launches, makes social media support from your coworkers easier



Those with social media related office duties can relate to the tedious task of having to send a mass email to colleagues every time an important company tweet is sent out to encourage them to interact with the post.

Marcus Nelson (@marcusnelson), former head of social media at Salesforce saw this disconnect and decided to do something about it.

Marcus Nelson

His vision was to create a platform that would decentralize social sharing by allowing companies to easily organize, measure, and mobilize the company’s entire workforce to amplify and interact with brand messages.

With Addvocate his vision has been realized and it is the first of its kind employee advocacy and coordination platform, with a 30 day dynamic pricing model for its beta.

Addvocate helps employees take control of their work related social sharing – allowing them to share what they want, the way the want to share the content, and letting businesses measure the results of the content.

How does it work?

When a company first starts using the service, moderators then approve, schedule, and direct content to the employees or channels where it will be most effective.


Employees opt-in to the service from their own social account and they can select content they want to share on their personal social networks from a list of suggestions right from their browser (or suggest content to fellow coworkers).

Once the content is posted, all is tracked through short URLs & campaign codes. These links reveal the actions customers take (i.e. purchases, downloads, lead capture forms) allowing marketers to understand which content was the most effective and which employees hold the most influence.

These results help tailor future content, shape your company’s overall presence, and identify who the true social media superstars are in your company.

You decide what to pay

Addvocate is also trying a pretty unorthadox pricing model. And you will like it.

When customers use Addvocate, they pay for the first license and then can add up to 100 coworkers for free for 30 days. Additionally, customers can pick the price they want to pay for Addvocate and Addvocate will honor this price for 6 months!

Addvocate self serve payments

Addvocate Fast Facts

Launch: January 22, 2013
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
CEO/Founder: Marcus Nelson

Some helpful FAQs

What are the privacy terms?

Your accounts are your accounts. Addvocate will never share your passwords, personal posts, private messages, or check-ins with your employer. Although, if you do post these things publicly, there’s not much they can do about that.

What content will be shared?

The Addvocate service tracks unique links for clicks and shares from public activity on social channels. These links are automatically created when using Addvocate to create posts.

What do I get out of Addvocate?

You’ll receive fresh content everyday to select from. You don’t have to post everything. Addvocate will measure how you’re doing and generate a report to show you how you’re progressing.


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