We believe
great creative
drives the future
of your brand.

Own your audience.

Audiences are built through consistent, quality creative.

Building an audience can be challenging, especially when you lack the bandwidth or your content struggles to stand out. We help you grow and connect with your ideal audience through high-performing paid search, paid social, and brand campaigns.

Hey there, we’re Nicole & Jason, cofounders of Social Fresh.

We understand how overwhelming it can feel not seeing the ad results you need or working with partners you have to constantly micro-manage — we’ve been there. And we can help.

We’ve worked with some of the largest brands and agencies in the world.

We realized that everything in marketing is being commoditized except your great creative. 

When you start building paid media that focuses on great creative. Strong ad concepts still win out.

The game is constantly changing. We monitor and constantly optimize results so you don’t have to.   

What’s at the heart of Social Fresh?

The Power
of Art

Great creative builds a distinctive identity.

Have Something To Say

Brands without a unique POV are forgotten.

Invest In Brand

People don’t buy products, they buy brands.

Big Picture Thinking

Short-term tactics are costly and unreliable.

Meet Jason Keath, Co-founder

I’ve been fascinated by what’s next in technology since I first signed our family up for AOL before I was in high school. Less so when we got our first long-distance dial-up bill.

I was one of the first people in the world to start running ads on Facebook in 2004. I’m passionate about understanding what’s next in digital.

I’ve worked with brands like Chevrolet, Credit Karma, Maersk, HubSpot, and Nine West to help them reach audiences and customers successfully.

Nicole and I met during the early days of Tweetups in NYC and teamed up to bring Social Fresh to life.

Through it all, we’ve realized it’s not always about the hot new technology or following the same trends as everyone else. Your marketing success will come from investing in sustainable media strategies.

Meet Nicole D’Alonzo, Co-founder

I was sold on social media from the moment I discovered its power for social good, during the mid-2000s financial crisis.

Back then, I wanted to do something to help the thousands of people who had lost everything. So, I started using social media to create content for charities, helping them get found by donors and volunteers to increase their impact.

From this work, I was offered my first official social media position: Launching The Laughing Cow Cheese into social.

I went on to hold high-level social media positions at Porter Novelli and L’Oreal — working with HP, Gilette, and J&J —  before building Social Fresh with Jason.

When I’m not working on Social Fresh, I run a tech startup called 19-Minute Yoga.

Social Fresh serves clients all over the world, and we host our training events in various cities in the US.

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