A Unique Way to Grow Instagram #socialtoolkit

by | Jun 1, 2015

Social Toolkit 29: Instagram FTW with Liz Kennedy. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Liz Kennedy, a social media strategist and content creator with a passion for all things digital, joins the Social Toolkit to talk to the Jasons about strategic Instagram growth, investing in Instagram as a channel, Fresh Direct’s best performing content, Instagram tools — along with… lead generation and Permission Data, 3 types of followers identified, and Liz’s first social media love.

  • App of the week: Hitlist, offering great travel deals, to a lot of your more traveled to destinations. Within Hitlist you can build a list of the places you want to travel to and it will alert you when it’s the most affordable time to go.
  • Instagram Strategy
    • How FreshDirect grew their followers
    • Investing in Instagram as a channel
    • Best performing Instagram content for FreshDirect
  • Tools for editing, creating, and publishing images to Instagram
  • Lead generation on Facebook
    • Permission Data
    • The results FreshDirect are seeing through the use of Permission Data
    • Acquiring followers that listen and engage
    • 3 identified types of FreshDirect followers
    • Lead generation through influencer marketing
  • Liz’s first social media love
    • A college thesis on Facebook
    • Emailing Mark Zuckerberg
    • How Liz is using Facebook now vs how she thought she would be using when writing thesis

 Social Toolkit 29: Instagram FTW with Liz Kennedy. Subscribe on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud.


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