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Better Look and Feel The site looks a lot better now and is setup as more of a news site, see user friendly. With the fresh design comes much better usability. Posts will be previewed on the front page now, allowing you to browse through what will soon be a larger number of articles on the front page, with thumbnails and more meta data for reference. Our Featured content slide allows us to highlight important articles while also bringing attention to our events still. Our RSS, email, and social media links are now prominently positioned at the top of the side on the right. Go ahead, click through and subscribe.

New Navigation

You will notice what use to be our main links “About, Affiliates, Events, etc” is now our secondary navigation. Our first row of links are topics, categories of the content we want to bring you, the new focus of the site. As these categories populate, they will focus on:
  • News
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Columns
  • Events
Our categories are fewer and more focused now. Most of our past content can be found in “Events” now. If you feel like walking down memory lane.

More Content

With all those categories to fill, we obviously need more writers. We have put the word out and have several new bloggers and columnists that will be joining us over the coming weeks. As we get things moving, we will work our way toward at least an article a day. We will have author pages for you to be able to interact with our contributors. We will have an editorial calendar, including multiple columns on niche social media topics.

A More Social Social Fresh

It does not reflect that well for a social media education company to not have a very social website. We have been adding the necessary widgets and sharing links to the site over the past couple months. But it was not built or designed for those things, so the solutions were not always flawless. The new site has lots of these features built in, and even more on the way as we finish some final tweaks over the next month.

Ads, Yes We Believe in Commerce

Social Fresh is, in large part, focused on teaching people better ways to use social media to make money for their business or clients. We are adding ads to our site with the goal to make more money for the new site. Plain and simple. This was not a main goal for the site refresh, but it is always good to build in the option before you want it. Current ads are thanks to our amazing sponsors. They are a big reason SocialFresh.com and our events have grown to where we currently are. Check the footer for a full list of these supporters and show them some love. So that is it, the new SocialFresh.com is ready for you to enjoy. Keep an eye out this week as we begin to post more content.]]>


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