7 Can't Miss Resources For Social Professionals


I get asked a lot about where I go to keep up to date and learn about SEO and social. So I thought I would turn this into a blog post and share with everyone. Keeping up with the flow of information in the online marketing world can be rather daunting. Downright impossible if you haven’t developed a good set of resources to rely on as your filters. The Social Fresh 7 weekly newsletter is a great filter, for example. I have nearly 60 subscriptions in my Google Reader but there are some that I know better than to ever miss. In my mind a good social media professional makes it their business to be well versed in all things online marketing. This means SEO, conversion tracking, landing page optimization, ad sales and many other things so this ‘can’t miss’ list is rather eclectic. On purpose. Not because I’m unfocused.

1. SEOmoz

The mozzers are very well known for their great SEO content. There are so many resources on their site I couldn’t begin to list them all. But I will say that everyone, whether  a complete nOOb or a highly advanced technical SEO, will find content of great value here. There is even some really great stuff there on social and other aspects of online marketing.

2. The Art of Nonconformity

Chris Guillebeau writes on this site, in his own words about: “unconventional ideas for remarkable people”. In a recent post I wrote here I talked a bit about “caring for the social media professional” by disconnecting and venturing out so to speak. This blog is unrelated to online marketing in an obvious way which is why I like it. Chris’s writing is powerful, his ideas are inspirational. I highly recommend you add it to your list!

3. Outspoken Media

The blog here is written mostly by Lisa Barone with occasional posts from other members of the Outspoken team or other industry leaders. They cover many different subjects in online marketing on this blog which is part of why it’s one of my favorite resources. Another is Lisa’s writing style. Not only does she write in a way that makes her content entertaining and digestible, but she is also great inspiration for creating engaging content!

4. WritetoDone

Being in social media means you have to/get to write. A lot. Keep an eye on Leo Babauta’s site for great insight on all types of writing and how to become better at it. Whether you’re battling writers block, or just want to work on improvement you are bound to find what your’e looking for at WritetoDone.

5. Matt Singley

I first met Matt at a Social Fresh conference in Portland, OR where we both were speaking. I’ve been stalking err… following him ever since. Matt has a great mind and instinct when it comes to social media and the online space. I don’t say this about many people, but when Matt speaks, I listen. His posts are always spot on and full of great information!

6. Search Engine Land

Staying abreast of all the news on the search engine front can be daunting. But it is imperative. Search Engine Land is always on top of the game with their posts and they have great educational content as well. Do yourself a favor and sign up for their email updates. They put out a daily search recap that lists out the days best content from a wide variety of sources. Notice, this is them doing the work for you! #win

7. Techipedia

No reading list of mine would be complete without Tamar Weinberg’s site on it. Between her book, “The New Community Rules: Marketing On The Social Web” and her website she has made herself an indispensable resource to many and for good reason. Tamar gets it. Really gets it. And she gives a great deal back to the community in terms of knowledge and advice. — So there you have it. Seven of the blogs that I can’t get enough of. Eeek! I feel like I’m forgetting some really good ones – so if I’ve left you off the list please know it’s not personal. Here are some viking kittens to help cushion the blow. What are some blogs or sites that you can’t live without? Tell me friends, what should I be reading!]]>


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