3 Awesome Social Media Presentations You Missed Out On [VIDEO]


social media presentationSocial Fresh started as a conference in 2009. And we now host two social media marketing conferences each year.

With every conference we produce and every session we host, I always learn something new. I work really hard to make sure our speakers are the best available. A combination of smarts, in the trenches knowledge, and the ability to convey their wisdom without putting the audience to sleep.

That last one is pretty important.

Below are a few awesome sessions that we recorded last year, from Adrian Parker (now of Intuit), Justin Levy of Citrix, and Jay Baer of Convince & Convert.

I have a lot of respect for each of them as leaders in social marketing. And these three presentations are all on topics that do not get talked about that broadly, but are very important nonetheless.

Jay Baer is one of the 14 speakers that will be joining us in Tampa Bay for Social Fresh EAST in April. The full lineup includes Jay, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Tom Webster, Jim Tobin, Spike Jones, Ted Rubin, Dunkin Donuts, JetBlue, Campbell’s Soup, ESPN and more.

These are the types of sessions you will get at Social Fresh conferences. Check each of these full presentations out below. Or, if you are busy building something awesome, bookmark this page and come back to it later.

Each of the below videos is 30-60 minutes. And they are all well worth seeing through to the end.

1. How To Use Webinars For Marketing – Justin Levy

Watch full video on Youtube here: How To Use Webinars for Marketing

Webinars are a powerful education tool, and content marketing platform. Justin Levy has both produced great webinars and gets to peak behind the curtain at the industry’s best webinar techniques from his perch at Citrix, makers of GoToWebinar.

From the best techniques for creating great webinars to promotion and distribution insights, this session will walk you through the full court press needed to start making webinars work for your marketing efforts.

2. Social Media Leadership – Adrian Parker

Watch full video on Youtube here: Social Media Leadership

Adrian Parker, of Intuit, has not only built great social media marketing at multiple brands, but he has also built great social media marketing teams.

In this session Adrian walks the audience through an often overlooked element of success in social media, leadership.

3. Facebook and Email Strategy – Jay Baer

Watch full video on Youtube here: Facebook and Email Strategy

Jay Bear, of Convince & Convert, got tactical with the Social Fresh crew and broke down two oddly similar marketing platforms, Email and Facebook. Both are permission based marketing opportunities and both are misunderstood by many marketers.

In this session, Jay reviews how your email and Facebook marketing are similar, how they can support each other, and how to start using each platform more strategically for core business results.


Find out more about our next conference, Social Fresh EAST 2013, here.

What is the best social media presentation you have ever seen in person?




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