13 Stats about Hispanic Consumers in 2014


At #Expion14 in Raleigh, NC this year, Cynthia Ashworth of Univision discussed how their organization is digging into data to uncover new insights about the rapidly growing hispanic population in the US. After her presentation I started to dig a little deeper into some stats from Univision and other sources about Hispanic consumers in the US myself, here’s what I found:

Ashworth described some key points for connecting with Hispanic consumers in today’s ever-changing media landscape that all marketers should take note of.

1. Culture Matters

Put simply, culture matters more to the average hispanic consumer than non-hispanic consumers. For Univision Morning show talent, wearing jerseys of their native country for World Cup coverage was just another way of expressing who they are and the connection to those who can relate. This message of expression and self-identity is reinforced across all facets of the organization, from news to entertainment and of course, sports. You probably wouldn’t see the Today Show doing something like this said Ashworth.

2. Give them the VIP Treatment

During the World Cup, Univision worked with Hyundai to create a crowdsourced documentary. They collected videos from people from all over the world clipped together with official historic footage from FIFA. The result was a full-length documentary that aired before the kickoff of the World Cup that put the fans at the center of the world’s game. Because_Futbol_01x “Give them a shot at stardom” Ashworth explained. “Stardom is the gift that keeps on giving. people get excited, they share it, there’s a real multiplier effect.” But it wasn’t just about creating one video. Hyundai used every platform where their consumers were to activate #becausefutbol among their target consumers – print, TV, Digital, Social and point of sale with local dealers. Window clings were even distributed for fans to represent their country of choice. Screen-Shot-2014-05-27-at-7.21.32-PM

3. Go big on Mobile Video

Hispanics are very much a mobile-first demographic of internet users.

When creating content think about the method of consumption to make videos relatable, and also easily viewable in multiple formats. For Univision telenovelas they released exclusive content that was delivered via the uvideos app. The content took the form of the channels they were being consumed on. Lead characters sent texts and video messages that kept viewers coming back again and again throughout the entire season for this additional content.


By creating and building a loyal audience and providing a platform for efficient content creation and delivery, Univision has been able to improve their stickiness with loyal viewers. This has allowed them to carefully integrate brands like Toyota and Hyundai into their content with great success. The content was intermingled with the real content, added value to the viewer’s experience, includes the audience, yet remains relatable. In fact, Hyundai’s #becausefutbol campaign was so successful through this approach that the brand saw 28% increase in Hispanic traffic to HyundaiUSA.com between May (pre-tournament) and July, and was he most recognized auto brand at the 2014 World Cup. Watch Cynthia Ashworth’s entire presentation here to learn more.


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