12 Tactics for Facebook Page Content


Thinking about Facebook marketing breaks out into 3 levels for me. Get the fans, keep the fans, activate fans.

Today we are focused on that ongoing challenge of keeping the fans. And it is a bigger challenge that just keeping that fan number growing. The challenge is to keep them engaged actually responding to what your page publishes.

If fans are not liking and commenting and clicking on what you publish through your Facebook wall, you might as well be invisible to them, they will not see your updates.

The constant need to keep fans responding takes creativity. You need fresh ideas and strong copy writing. Here are 12 tactics for Facebook fan page content to keep your fans coming back for more.

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1. Fan of the Week

Betty Crocker Facebook Fan of the Week

Feature fans as “Fan of the week/month” and require some simple content contribution to be eligible. Betty Crocker features a fan of the week picked from fans that post a photo of a Betty Crocker creation on the page’s wall. Oreo does a similar “World’s fan of the week” emphasizing the international nature of their fan base.

2. Comment on Official Days

Celebrate odd holidays or made up holidays. For example “Today is the first ever take-a-coworker-to-lunch day. Will you be celebrating?” or “Today is talk like a pirate day, which of our products can you use to help celebrate?”

3. Guest Host

Facebook guest host, Vanity Fair

Feature a Facebook page “guest host.” Put a known personality or fan or employee in charge of the fan page for a predetermined amount of time. (Example: Vanity Fair / Justin Bieber)

4. Fan Investment

Ask fans to tell you what coupon they want next or what recipe they want to see next on your blog. Make sure if you are asking for fan feedback, you are able to act on it first.

5. Post simple facts or stats

H&R Block Facebook Stat

Fans love numbers and stats, but include a question to actually get a response. Otherwise, you will get mainly likes.

6. Ask fans what they see

Ask fans to upload simple photos to the wall “What is the view like from your desk?” or “What does your computer desktop look like?” When fans post content to your wall independent of likes or comments on your status updates, it ups the chances that they will see your status updates in their news feed in the future. And it makes the activity on your Facebook wall look more fan friendly.

7. Multiple Choice

Facebook multiple choice by Lowe's

Ask a simple multiple choice question with A) B) C) and D) choices in the update

8. Ask metaphorical questions

Dr. Pepper Facebook Reality TV question

For example “If your life were an 80’s movie…” or “If your business were a Reality TV show…” or (a real example) “An Oreo cookie without milk is like…”

9. Finish The Joke

Oreo and milk on Facebook

Tell the first half of a joke related to your business… “Facebook and Twitter walk into a bar…” or “Oreo and milk went to the store… what did they buy?”

10. Rank These 3 Things

Ask fans to rank a short list. For instance “List these three things in order of importance “Coffee, Newspaper, Breakfast”.

11. Celebrate official awareness months

Facebook l'Occitane Braille Month
Find creative ways to celebrate commemorative months like Black History Month (February), Autism Awareness Month (March), Clean Up Your Computer Month (January), and more.

12. Celebrate History

A day in history

Celebrate moments from history relevant to your brand or fans. “On this day in 1900, the first waffle iron gave breakfast goers everywhere a better breakfast future.” A good source for this is the Wikipedia front page, History.com, or, you know, Google.


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