7 Social Tools You Need To Know About


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Keeping up with the latest and greatest software, tool sets, and social networks that make up social media as an industry is daunting. With every new corner of the industry, 10 competitors seem to pop up. We wanted to sort through and share with you some of the newest tools out there as well as feature some that have been out for a little while but are now coming into their own. Explore the ones you think will add value, toss the rest. But remember, we told you to pay attention to these guys.

Row Feeder

Row Feeder is a social media monitoring tool with a twist. It gives you all the raw data that many other services do not. Row Feeder allows you to export keyword monitoring of Twitter and Facebook into an excel document. They also have built in graphing of that data as well as a white label solution. If you are a data geek and really want to customize how your monitoring tool works for you, this tool is a game changer.


Klout wants to be the online influence measurement service. If you are looking for influential people online, they want you to think of Klout scores first. And right now they are moving in that direction. They are integrated into Cotweet and Hootsuite already and working with major CRM and Email marketing services. For now they attempt to measure influence across Twitter and Facebook (recently added) in various topics and categories, but they plan to constantly expand.

Sprout Social

Sprout is simply a well designed, robust social CRM tool that is still affordable. If you are an agency or a small business, it is a perfect fit. Pricing goes from $9 to $49 a month. The service dives into social platform management, CRM, and monitoring. AND it is one of the better looking user interfaces I have seen from a tool like this.

Get Glue

Get glue is to media (books, movies, tv and more) as Foursquare is to places. Users checkin and rate entertainment and see what their friends are consuming in real time. One of the major benefits is that Get Glue learns what users like and sends them suggestions of things they might like every week. Other services in this category include Philo and Miso, both focused on checking into television programming.

Social Mention

Social Mention focuses on real time social media search and analysis. They provide social media alerts similar to Google Alerts, sending you daily email updates about your keywords from social media sites. They also provide real time feeds of the same data as a widget to embed on your site or blog.


Blogpulse provides the latest trends from blogs around the world, showing you the most blogged about topics, recent trend graphs, and extensive blog trend search options.


Kurrently is very simple Facebook and Twitter search and reminiscent of the original search.twitter.com (Summize). It allows you quick, one click filters for switching between Facebook and Twitter or looking at both, changing dates, geography and other options. —- What new software, tools, and platforms have recently captured your interest? Let us know in the comments.]]>


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