10 Shockingly Simple Steps For Setting Up A Business Youtube Page


Ah YouTube, that website of wonder. It’s changed the way we exchange information, entertain, titillate, distract ourselves from reality i.e. David After Dentist, and of course promote a brand. While it’s simple enough for a ten year-old to use, setting up a YouTube Channel for a brand requires some basic thought and direction. Follow these 10 steps to help launch your Youtube channel and you will be well positioned to make Youtube a long-term successful platform for your business.

1. What’s In A Name

Choose a name for your channel that is specific to your brand or the content you’re going to create and/or post. This is important because people are going to be searching for this and if you have an obscure name you won’t be as easily found.

2. Accurately represent the brand with design

YouTube allows you to skin your Channel Page, i.e. edit the background. For your skin use your logo or a design specific to your brand or company, but don’t get too caught up in the design aspects, keep it simple and focus on the channel content. Examples: Bridgestone Super Bowl Channel Humana (StaySmartStayHealthy) Channel

3. Applicable Content

Choose video content that’s relevant, fresh, and original. When you first launch a channel you need to have a few pieces of strong content that represent the culture of your brand. Do not dilute your content from the start. If you don’t have strong content, you’re not ready for a YouTube channel.

4. Should I favorite videos?

Say you find a great, informative video that directly relates to your YouTube channel content.  In this instance it doesn’t hurt to favorite the video.  However, make sure videos you favorite are relevant to your content and keep in mind it is a good idea to have more original content than favorited videos from other channels. Favorited videos will be a part of your Youtube page. You want the viewer to focus on your content and not get distracted by other channels. So use this option sparingly and with intent.

5. Choose unique and relevant names for your videos

When naming your video choose the most important words that speak to what the video is about. Avoid making a video name too long. Video names should include keywords that describe the video in order to increase the video’s ability to rank for those terms.

6. Tagging

YouTube allows you to tag your videos, so select words that are relevant to the content of your video for which consumers would be searching. Don’t choose words just to choose them, make sure the words reflect the content you’re posting.

7. Description

Accurately describe your video in a few sentences and use strong keywords in your description. (You want to use the same keywords you’re tagging in your description.)

8. Include a link out to your website or another social channel

Make sure that you link to your website and any additional relevant social platforms, for example you could include a link to your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, or Blog page in your description to provide a resource where viewers can obtain more information about your brand. Don’t go crazy with excessive links – one or two will suffice.

9. Subscribers

It’s a good idea to subscribe to other YouTube channels that have similar content or interests. Subscribing can help grow your audience and get more people to subscribe back to your channel, therefore pushing your content to more consumers. For Example: An automotive channel may want to subscribe to the Bridgestone Super Bowl Channel.

10. Maintenance

To really make your YouTube channel successful you must maintain it with fresh, meaningful content. Don’t push irrelevant content just have something new on the channel.  Make sure the content you post speaks to your consumers and is significant to them. Keep in mind that the lag between content updates will vary by vertical, but don’t let a channel sit there without an update for years.

Content is Key

Again, keep in mind that with all of these steps content is key. Prior to creating a YouTube channel, if you don’t already have the meaningful content to post, you’re probably not ready to create a YouTube channel. Don’t forget YouTube is a social channel, as with all social if you don’t share and communicate you will fail to create community and meaningful conversation. Image Source: Shutterstock.com]]>


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