10 SEO Myths Debunked


SEO is dead.

Social Media has replaced SEO.

Tired of all the confusion?

Not sure where to turn for solid advice?

Let’s try to alleviate the fuzziness and get down to brass tacks.

Check out these 10 Social Media and SEO Myths debunked…

1. Search Engine Optimization is something where we get as much information from as many SEO vendors as possible and hand it off to our IT people to do SEO with that info

FALSE: Your IT guy/girl has email issues, security issues, server updates and social media malware on employees computers, i.e., the health of your Information Technology structure as responsibility, this is not their job.

2. Search Engine Optimization has been replaced by Social Media

FALSE: Search is what you use to find what you are looking for in all the social media content. Search will always be around, it will be more important in the future as more stuff is posted online. hello?

3. Social Media has nothing to do with our Brand

FALSE: Social Media IS your brand, online. Unless you are Nickelback, then someone else is your brand on Facebook.

4. Social Media has nothing to do with Customer Service

FALSE: Social Media IS Customer Service. Wait.. your social media doesn’t have a reporting system to customer service? Ut oh.

5. PR Firms should control ORM and Social Media

DEPENDS:  I worked at a PR firm for 6 years, so I know at least one has been for a while, but also know one that doesn’t. ORM utilizes PR, SEO, Social Media and #Mocial, [Mobile Social Networking]. ORM does work without search, social and PR but you also need content, and heavy integration with client’s customer service departments. Oh, It never ends, it’s a consistent battle, daily.

6. Clients don’t get ORM

FALSE: Some do, some don’t, the ones that do, work with you to convert detractors into supporters in search and social media. Done right it works, well. Sometimes too well.

7. Facebook is the only thing I need to do for Social Media

FALSE: I haven’t been on Facebook for a week, I’ve been on Twitter and Google +. Guess what, I’m not alone.

8. Google + is a Ghost town

FALSE: I’ve wasted hours there, reposting other people’s content. It was good content and I didn’t find it on Twitter.

9. Twitter is the new MySpace

FALSE: Facebook is the new MySpace. MySpace was the new Friendster, Friendster was the social website most of us went to after AOL/Prodigy/Compuserve.

10. A “Like” means there is a customer out there passionate about my brand. Nickelback even “likes” us

FALSE: A “Like” is a button push, no more, no less without analytics. Oh, btw, the Nickelback profile was fake.


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